Google Voice with CallKit on iOS Devices

With the iteration of iOS 10 comes CallKit. Now when you receive calls from your Google Voice apps, they will only give a small notification that says someone is calling you. If you have your phone on silence, it will vibrate only 1 time. So now apps need to integrate CallKit in to their phone apps to get proper calling notifications. Here is how we can get around that till Google fixes their iOS apps.

Why would you want to use the Google Voice number and not your standard phone number? Well my phone number can’t be ported to Google Voice, so I set up a call forward through my phone provider to the Google Voice number. So now I want to use a phone app to handle my inbound calls. I’m primarily doing this to stop call spam as Google Voice has a great anti-spam filtering system.

1) Purchase the Acrobits Softphone app. This app has CallKit. ($6.99)

2) Google Voice doesn’t support SIP, so you need to get a SIP service. You can use CallCentric as a service. You MIGHT have to pay a $3 fee for a 911 service.
NOTE: CallCentric inbound calls are free!

3) After you get a phone number from CallCentric, use the Acrobits Softphone app and add the CallCentric service.

4) Log in to Google Voice and connect to the CallCentric phone number. Add your pin (given on the dashboard) and your account password.

Now you can receive Google Voice calls properly on an iOS device. If you want to make outbound calls with Google Voice I would recommend then using the Google Voice or Hangouts app, otherwise you will be using CallCentric for your outbound calls which would not be free to use.