How To Get Cheap Steam, Origin, Xbox One and PS4 Games (keys)

Let’s say you want the newest Steam game, maybe Pillars of Eternity for example. This game is currently on Steam for $44.99 and personally, I think this is a bit much for my wallet. Slightly out of reach; I don’t make tons of money at my job, and I don’t have parents paying for these things either. So how can I get this game for cheaper than the current price? I don’t like waiting for the game to go on sale because then I might not be as interested as I am right now.

Well, there are websites out there that have either purchased these games when they were on sale, at the Kickstarter backer price or in the EU region where games are at their cheapest. Then these websites do a small mark up and resell them in bulk. One such website is Right now Pillars of Eternity is only $27.41!


Some games such as Call of Duty or Battlefield are sold cheaper in EU, and some of the keys will work in the US. If a key says only works in EU or is region locked, what that means is you can still purchase this game and play it for much cheaper and play single player campaign, but multiplayer will be VERY laggy as you will be playing with other European players and will not be paired with US players. Some of these games might just need a configuration change or hack to make them compatible with US multiplayer joining but you might not want to go through that hassle and there is not always a fix. But don’t worry, for the most part you will not be running in to this issue as most games are not region specific.

You also get the keys immediately after purchasing the game. If they want a credit card or anything for account validation, just email them that you refuse to activate with that method. They will immediately activate the account for you without it. All the games can be purchased with a PayPal account.

This website also covers Origin, Playstation 4 and Xbox 360/One/Live digital games. A good example of a cheaper Xbox One game is Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag (Xbox One) RETAIL:$25.06 CJS:$17.76. They don’t have every game, but it’s always a good idea to take a peek at their website before heading to the retail stores.

If you don’t care about the newest games, you can always check out Usually older games are posted on here when great low price deals are found.

NOTE: This is not an advertisement for cjs-cdkeys, I just want people to know there are cheaper alternatives.

UPDATE: I have since found a VERY good alternative to CJS-cdkeys, meet G2A! G2A has a 10x bigger selection than CJS-cdkeys and is more than likely $5 cheaper. Check it out at