How To Get iPhone/iPad Paid Apps Free

Non-Jailbreak Method

You can do this easily within seconds! It definitely sounds too good to be true, I know, but it is possible. By the way, this program is completely free you don’t need to pay anything.

At the time of testing, I am installing this on my iPhone 6s with iOS version 9.3.4 and didn’t have a single issue. So let’s go ahead and get started.


vShare Helper
– Good official data cable (lightning cable). Don’t use off-brand charging cables.


1) Install iTunes if you don’t already have it, then install vShare.
2) Launch vShare, plug in your iPhone or iPad. vShare will immediately recognize it and do whatever is necessary to get it working.
3) On the Information option (default) select the big button at the bottom that says “Install vShare”. This will put the app on your device.

NOTE: vShare does not have every app.

Jailbreak Method

If you already have an iOS device with Cydia, then here is the method for you. I tested this on my 9.3.2 iPad Mini 2. If you don’t already have a Jailbroken device and want to learn how it is done, check out this post!


1) Open Cydia, press the Sources option on the bottom. Press Edit in the upper right corner.
2) Add and save it. Press Done in the upper right corner.
3) Select the new AppCake option in Sources > All Packages > AppCake and it will install AppCake. Restart Springboard if necessary.
4) In Cydia press Search and type in “AppSync” it should find something like AppSync Unified. Install that.

You can now use AppCake which is a much better alternative to vShare as it offers lots more apps.

Now enjoy your iPhone or iPad to download any app you want!

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