How To Jailbreak iOS 9 – iPad and iPhone

Jailbreaking today is a lot easier than it used to be with older options like Yellowsn0w, etc. This new method is called Pangu and it requires just a few steps. Technically you can just go to the Pangu site and follow the instructions yourself, but I simplified the instructions just a bit below. Keep in mind I am jailbreaking a 9.3.2 iPad Mini 2, so be sure to read the PanGu site for iOS version requirements.


– Lightning Cable (official, not 3rd party)
The PanGu ipa
Cydia Impactor


1) Using the link above visit the PanGu iOS jailbreak help page and press the blue Download link.
2) Using the link above download Cydia Impactor. Extract the contents to a folder on your Desktop. Open Impactor.exe (if on Windows).
3) Plug in your iOS device, Cydia Impactor should find the device. Drag and drop the .ipa file on to the program’s window.
– If you run in to any issues, run the program with Administrator Privileges.
– You will be prompted with Apple account questions. This is to sign the security certificate.
4) After you press OK on the past prompt question Cydia will be installed on your device. Follow any prompts on screen. If it says wait, just wait and be patient.

That’s all it takes. If you run in to any issues you are welcome to leave a comment, but I would recommend visiting their subreddit for support.

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