How to Softmod an Original Xbox

This was posted on the assembler forums created by Rocky5 and is archived here. For as long as the Xbox has been out, I have wondered how they managed to mod the Xbox as every tutorial is different. This is by far the easiest way to softmod your console and make it last 10x longer!

File Preparation

Download and extract 2016 Xbox Softmodding Tool on your computer go into the Softmod Package folder and choose the gamesave exploit you would like to use.

gamesave exploits available: for the 007 Agent Under Fire (AUF) game, for Mech Assault, (North America) or (Europe) for the Splinter Cell Exploit.

Extract an exploit to the current working directory.
If you happen to extract it to a folder of the same name just grab the folder within.

You should have a folder with (1) of the following names:


Copy the folder inside “UDATA” to the root of your memory card
(See below if you’re not sure how to do this).

Extract the “Softmod” package and Copy the folder inside “UDATA” ie, “21585554” to the root of your memory card.

Creating a Memory Card

XBOX Memory Card:
If you have an XBOX memory card the simplest way to get the files onto the memory unit is using a system already modded, perhaps a friends? and transferring the files via ftp. Otherwise you can use an action replay or gameshark adapter, but I won’t go into those methods here.

USB Memory Card:
I always hear a lot of people having issues with working memory cards, the trick is, don’t use one ;P The real secret is Micro SD cards and those mini USB readers they sell on ebay for .95cents.


Once you have one of these and a micro sd card you can plug it into a USB to XBOX adapter.
Now if you don’t have one, you can find them on ebay or make your own, again I won’t go into details here.


There’s so many ways on how to make one, because the xbox ports are actually USB!

Formatting a USB Memory Card for the XBOX.

The trick here is to plug the USB memory device into the xbox. It should popup and error message about the device being damaged, which you can just ignore. It may or may not mention it was formatted. But that should be what happened. You can see if Xplorer360 detects
it or not.

Copying the files to the USB Memory Card

Now you can unplug the device and use the windows software “xplorer360” on your computer to copy the files over.

Open the program and click on “Drive” > “Open” > “Harddrive or memory card”.
It should now show the FatX partition. And you can drag and drop your files into the window.
Give it time to inject the files.

Copying the files to the XBOX

Now disconnect the memory card from your computer and connect it to the XBOX.
Power on the system, locate the memory card and copy “Softmod Tools” and the save game exploit to the XBOX hard drive. Reboot with the memory card disconnected and the game matching the chosen exploit in the dvd tray. Load the gamesave from the hard drive and start softmoding 🙂


If you would like to install the Microsoft Dashboard.
You can burn the optional 2016 Softmodding Tool Extras Disc to a DVD-R.

You can also use the disc at any time after the softmod, to install alternative dashboards.
There is also a Upgrade Softmods & Restore to Factory options on the disc that can be used to upgrade or remove Softmods & revert to a Stock Xbox.