J-Tag/RGH Xbox 360 Getting Started 2016

I cannot believe how many broken threads there are on forums like team-xecuter.com and se7ensins.com where it almost becomes impossible for someone who is starting to know where to go after they receive an RGH or J-Tag Xbox 360 from a service. So here is a walkthrough of what to do when you get your console. I assume you have the newest dashboard and want to automatically launch in to a custom dashboard like Freestyle.


  • XeXMenu v1.1 ISO
  • Freestyle Dashboard – Get the newest pinned thread’s firmware (F3 Rev 775 at the time of this writing)
  • DashLaunch – Get the newest pinned thread’s software (v3.17 at the time of this writing)
  • XM360 (not required, but an awesome piece of software)


  • Internal HDD (recommended)
  • USB Thumbdrive (required)
  • Blank CDs or DVDs (required)


  1. If you have the newest dashboard, it’s going to be hard to get your USB thumbdrive recognized by Horizon, so don’t even try it. That thumbdrive should either be FAT32 or NTFS formatted. Your xbox 360 will be able to read it, so download Freestyle Dashboard and DashLaunch and put it on your USB thumbdrive.
  2. Burn your XeXMenu v1.1 ISO file to a CD or DVD using ImgBurn or Windows 8-10 built in burning software. After, put it in to your Xbox 360.
  3. When you turn on your Xbox 360, press play game. XeXMenu will launch and press the right button on your controller. Now use your left and right control pad buttons to go to the USB thumbdrive. Follow the navigation menu buttons below to copy the folders to your internal HDD maybe in a folder called Homebrew.
  4. After you copied the folders over to the internal HDD, launch DashLaunch and press A on paths, and A on default to change the path to your Freestyle dashboard default.xex file on your internal HDD.

Upon restarting your Xbox 360 you should automatically be launched in to Freestyle! You can still use the XeXMenu CD to launch any homebrew like XM360 for example.

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