Jetpack Joyride Tips and Tricks

Jetpack Joyride is a game primarily for mobile devices, including the PSVita, Android, iOS and Windows devices. I want to show you how to get lots of coins and complete missions quickly.

More Coins & Rockets, Less Lasers

This is useful if you need to get 300 coins in 1 game or need to dodge 4 rockets in 1 game.

Equip the gadgets “AIR BARRYS” and “GRAVITY BELT”.

When the game starts, go up and hit the ceiling and go down to hit the floor and repeat this as fast as you can. The lasers will appear less because they only appear when they notice you have been hanging around the top/middle/bottom for too long. Basically it’s trying to predict where you will be and where you have been the most, so this will throw the system off and it will start using the rockets and coins to make you go towards a certain section of screen where they can start throwing more lasers at you. If you keep the same pattern eventually they will predict your next movement. So the more sporadic movement, the better.

Finish vehicle missions faster

Sometimes the game will ask you to destroy a vehicle 5 times, or get a specific vehicle 5 times, or just get any vehicle 5 times. Also helps with “Travel 1000m with specific vehicle” missions.

Equip the gadget “FREE RIDE”.

What you might not know about the FREE RIDE gadget is that when you pause the game and press “RETRY” you always get that vehicle again! So, let’s say it gives you the mission “get teleporter 5 times”. Keep playing the game till you get the teleporter on start. Once you do, pause and press “RETRY”. You will ALWAYS be given the teleporter on start! If your mission is destroy the teleporter 5 times, go ahead and destroy it as fast as you can, then press “RETRY”. This will make the mission go by VERY fast!

Easily Nearly Miss Missiles

Missions are usually 5 missiles, or 4 missiles in 1 game which make it more difficult.

I recommend equipping the “GRAVITY BELT”, but it’s not necessary.

Stay towards the bottom, or the top. If you’re on the bottom, when a missile is about to fire, do a small jump and when it fires stay on the bottom. The missile will cruise over and you will get the near miss. If you’re at the top, stop your jetpack for a second before it fires and then turn the jetpack back on when it fires and you will get the near miss as it cruises beneath you.

High 5 Scientists Easily

Sometimes these missions can be difficult like the 35 scientists in 1 game. Which can be quite difficult.

Equip the gadgets “AIR BARRYS” and “GRAVITY BELT”.

Since you will be spending most of your time at the bottom of the screen, using the “AIR BARRYS” will let you jump over any lasers quickly, and the “GRAVITY BELT” will let you come down quickly to catch scientists running to the left to escape.

Fast/Easy Coins

I personally do not purchase the coins for real money just because it’s more fun for me to earn them myself.

Equip the gadgets “FLYING PIG or GEMOLOGY” and “COIN MAGNET”.
Upgrade all vehicles to “GOLDEN”.

This will get you the most coins per run. If you get lucky on a token slot machine and get double coins, this will obviously increase the amount you get per run. Also try to get the vehicles as often as you can. This will absorb a LARGE amount of coins per run. I can estimate around 1000-3000 coins per run.

Easy Tokens

This is going to be an obvious one, but just encase you didn’t know.

Equip the gadgets “TOKEN GIFT” and “MAGNETIC TOKENS”.

This will give you a token as soon as you start, and all other tokens to move towards you. Of course, giving the system some sporadic movement from the ceiling to the floor will make those lasers appear less and more tokens to appear.

Further Travel

If you get missions like “TRAVEL 5,000M TOTAL.” or you need to get further for other missions, etc.

Equip the gadgets “TURBO BOOST” and “DEZAPINATOR”.

The turbo boost will give you 3 small boosts and remove any lasers or rockets in your way temporarily. The dezapinator will once and a while remote lasers that could possibly trip you up on your way. And of course, get vehicles as often as you can. This will give you an extra hit before dying and disable lasers temporarily. Getting a 750m head start from the token slot machine helps as well.

Slow Down. For Cheap Android Devices and PSVita Only.

As the game starts to speed up the further you get, you can sense DOOM ahead.

Equip the “X-RAY SPECS” gadget.

The x-ray will slow the game down when too many scientists and objects are on screen. Once a vehicle pick up icon appears the game will slow to a crawl giving you time to plan your next movement.

Change of Scenery

There are a few things you can do to change the scenery in the game. If you are playing on a PSVita chances are you are playing an older build of Jetpack Joyride so the purchasable theme options are just not available.

  • You can change your clothing to “DJ BARRY” and your music will become a re-mix.
  • When you reach 5000m you will get some light changes from yellow to red/green/blue light hue.
  • Using the “ZOMBIE HEAD” clothing will make your head bob up and down when you travel up and down with your jetpack.
  • Using the “HONEST PHIL” clothing Barry (Phil) will finally be facing somewhat towards you rather than always looking directly ahead.