July 2015 Updates

Here are the updates for July 2015 for New Age Soldier software.

Bing Rewards Bot

The bot program saw an update a few days back with Bing changing their email field to a new label. If you are on anything lower in version than 1.0.3 please update, as chances are it will not work. The cnet download page has been sent an updated version, and will hopefully be approved soon.


Since YouTube pulled one of my videos randomly, I stopped making them. However, they did apologize and re-enable it so now I will be looking to start a season 2 with a higher quality take on reviewing products and software.


I’m sure over the last few days you may be seeing slight or major changes happening. The old forum system linking phpbb and wordpress has started falling apart and needed to be replaced, so the new forums have been replaced for Simple:Press. Any important threads have been copied to the new software. New CSS modifications still take place every now and then, and ads may change places.

Random Projects

There will always be random startup projects here, so don’t be surprised if you see them pop up every now and then. The PHP Jedi Knight server controller is really just something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and since I was constantly turning the server on and off I decided to build it. The HotKeyMaker is just something my brother needed to script a close batch file for his media center (Kodi) computer.