Kickstarted Game “Ant Simulator” Canceled After Team Spends The Money On Hookers And Booze

Gamers on the Internet are now up in arms after a kickstarted indie game has recently been canceled. The game, called Ant Simulator, had the players take control of an ant, as the title suggests, and explore a sandbox environment. Given that the game was successfully backed through its Kickstarter campaign, there were many fans excited to see the game be released, and the progress videos the game’s developer kept releasing periodically showed a lot of promise.

However, as you can read from the title of this post, the game was recently canceled due to… poor management. What does “poor management” mean? Two people from the development team took all its funding and spent it on “hookers and booze”.

In order to properly understand the story, we have to go back to before the kickstarter even happened: the man who came up with the idea signed a contract with two of his friends, Tyler Monce and Devon Staley, which created the indie development team ETeeski. However, little did he know that his so-called friends would protect themselves in the contract, meaning that they’ve been planning this hit since the creation of the game. Now, it seems that the two stole all of the game’s funding and ran away, betraying their friend and shattering his dreams. Because their contract covers them, the developer cannot sue them. What is more, they have even threatened him to sue if he releases the game without them, and have urged him to remove the progress videos from his YouTube channel.

This injustice has enraged people all over the Internet, as they are now advising the game’s developer as well as they can on Reddit. Some people say that the two thieves could go to jail for embezzlement, while others say that their lawyers will probably save them. However, most people are advising the developer to lawyer up and try suing them, as justice will surely win in the end.

It is unclear how something like this can happen in 2016, as a video game company, especially an indie one, who lives and dies by its community, should be extremely serious and careful when dealing with its funding. It seems that the two thieves are simply immature, as you would only expect something like this from a teenager.

Whether or not they’re covered up by their contract, their childish actions have ruined over a year of work and a man’s dream, and even though they might be safe on the legal side, they have basically ruined their careers. Many “keyboard warriors” are now in search of Tyler Monce and Devon Staley, but it seems that those two have already deleted all their online profiles in light of the recent uproar. Still, witch hunting won’t bring back the money that was lost, and we can only watch this conflict unfold legally. As for the developer, many fans stated that they would back another project of his, as long as he is more careful regarding his affiliates.

You can watch the developer’s statement here: