Make Your Own TV Channels and Set Top Box

Today’s media is brought in by what you actually want to see. You have YouTube, Hulu, Netflix and many more options where you get to select what you want to see and when you want to see it. Now think about standard TV stations, and what they are compared to in this new service of media. You pay a TV service provider a VERY high amount of money per month to show content that you don’t necessarily want, are forced to watch multiple commercials per 5 minutes of viewing time, and have outages if you have something like satellite during storms. But, there are a few things TV services provide that are unique. They provide a constant running play list, the newest episodes of TV shows, and a higher quality of content. Today we are going to emulate this.

The tool we are going to use to accomplish this is Kodi aka XBMC. I also highly recommend an internet speed of 25Mbps+ (cable) to ensure smooth channel watching, and DSL or Dial Up will not be fast enough. As well as an addon for Kodi called PseudoTV Live. An optional feature is to build this in to a smaller computer that has a video card with HDMI out so you can plug this in to your HD TV and watch these channels just as they would be on a TV service box. Also purchasing a Windows Media Center remote and modifying the Kodi skin to a simpler UI will be ideal for a set top box implementation. I highly recommend the FastColors Sio2x Skin. Some cable providers will give you free channels just because you have their internet, in which case you can purchase an HDHomeRun PRIME and rent a free cable card from your provider. You can also purchase an indoor antenna for over the air channels.


So what can you achieve with PseudoTV? Simply put, make your own channels! You can make a YouTube channel for specific videos, random videos or channels you follow. Maybe you want to make a movie channel? You can do that with videos that are stored on your hard drive. This will come in handy to replace that expensive HBO or Cinemax package you pay for. You can also integrate other plugins in to the channels like Hulu Plus, Netflix, etc. Not to mention, you can customize the commercials if you want to see them. You can make it show commercials only for new upcoming films or products and the quantity of commercials shown between shows/movies or just disable them all together! Also, you can implement any channels your provider gives for free using the HDHomeRunPrime and/or antenna. You can also add shared over the internet channels like M3U lists like RobinHood People List (Google it) for all you sports lovers.

Another fun feature of PseudoTV is to the ability to fast forward, rewind and skip. If you turn to one of your channels and it’s playing a movie you’ve already seen, go ahead and press skip to watch the next movie! Maybe the movie started half way through and you want to watch in the very beginning, go ahead and rewind or press skip backwards.


Kodi (software)
PseudoTV (software)
FastColours Sio2x Skin (software)
25+ Mbps Cable Internet (hardware)
Small computer with HDMI out (hardware)
Windows Media Center remote control (hardware)
[optional] HDHomeRun PRIME and Cable Card (hardware)
[optional] Indoor antenna (hardware)


1) Setup your computer and WMC remote. I recommend Windows for the OS and at least 4gb ram.

2) Download and install Kodi. Very simple setup, just click the next buttons and go through the standard installation procedure.

3) Download the PseudoTV addon and use Kodi to implement the addon. Follow this simple tutorial or use SuperRepo to get this addon.

4) Download the FastColors repo .zip package and add his skin in the settings menu, then activate it.

5) Configure PseudoTV channels either via the addon settings menu or manually via file editing.

Good luck everyone. If you have a quick question you can ask it in the comments below, or for long setup questions you can ask them on our forums page. If this topic becomes popular I will make a video and put up more screenshots to better help people get this system setup. ENJOY!