Making a PS3 DEX Debug Eboot.bin file (PSN & Disc)

Recently I have been cheating at some Playstation 3 games using NETCHEAT. Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, etc. But I was using CCAPI. Sure this lets you use a CEX PS3, but it is slow and doesn’t offer all the options available. So I switched over to DEX to use TMAPI (ProDG Target Manager) to really debug these games and get full speed. However, you will need to create a debug EBOOT.BIN file for any games you plan on debugging them from your DEX PS3 system. I have watched tons of videos and read lots of articles and no one could give an exact answer for all games like disc based and PSN. So, here is my tutorial on how to make one.


  • Multiman
  • NETCHEAT (Must run with Administrative Privileges!)
  • Filezilla
  • TrueAncestor V1.97 (This is important! Only use v1.97+!)
  • AldosTools (optional)
  • PSNStuff (optional)

    1) Open Multiman on your PS3 and keep it open. On your PC open your FTP client of choice (Filezilla) to access the “/hdd0/game/(gameID)/usrdir/” directory. You use the PS3’s IP with anonymous credentials.

    NOTE: How do I know what my gameID is? Check If you don’t see it there, install AldosTools and use “PARAM SFO Editor” with a PARAM.SFO file. That will tell you everything about the game (region, ID, etc.)

    2) In the /hdd0/game/(gameID)/usrdir/ directory, copy the EBOOT.BIN file to your desktop. Do not use a modified EBOOT.BIN that you got from somewhere else. It can cause many issues. Place the EBOOT.BIN in the same directory as the TrueAncestor program.

    NOTE: If this is PSN game, but is not “fixed”, you will need to put the “.rap” file in the “raps” folder before continuing with this program. If you don’t have the rap file, use PSNStuff to get the rap file.

    3) Drag and drop the EBOOT.BIN on the resigner.exe program and the command prompt that opens, select option 1, this will decrypt the EBOOT. Next…
    FOR PSN GAMES: Press 11 and this will encrypt it for Debug DEX mode.
    FOR CD GAMES: IF there is a .self file (or many .self files) put them in your self folder and press 4 to create a .elf file. Move the .elf to the tool folder. In the tool folder, hold down the shift key, right click inside the folder (not on an item) and click “Open Command window here”. Type in “make_fself (file).elf EBOOT.BIN”. That is your new debug EBOOT.BIN!

    4) The new EBOOT.BIN file is ready for use! Drag it back in to Filezilla and overwrite the old EBOOT.BIN and start your game up. Now open NETCHEAT and try “Connect” and “Attach” it should be attached now!

    NOTE: If NETCHEAT crashes with the error “TMAPI.dll is missing” you need to grab the tmapi.dll file from your ProDG Target Manager directory and copy/paste it next to your NETCHEAT program executable.