Making your own Mac OS X Hackintosh PC

Mac OS X in my opinion is an excellent operating system. Very few viruses or exploits known, The installation of applications is easy and usually difficult to screw up. Plus an application marketplace built in. Of course, the most important downside is that macs are expensive! They do come with great hardware, but the level of affordable products is hard to ignore. Especially if you want a gaming machine. You can purchase the Mac Mini for $599, but there is no 3D acceleration card. So you cannot run great AAA games on it, without a 3D card. Not to mention most games do not have a Mac build. What I found that works the best is to dual boot a Windows and Mac environment on the same PC.

I have a PC that I use every day, it has an i5 5th generation, a GeForce GTX 750 and a 256GB SSD HDD. Now sharing with a 256GB hard drive is not ideal, so I had an extra 64GB SSD laying around not being used which I will be using for the Mac OS X installation. Below I will put my recommended specs. You will need a Mac OS X computer to borrow or a working VMWare Image.


GeForce 3D card (very few ATI cards are supported)
Separate Hard Drive for Mac OS X and Windows 7/8/10


USB Thumbdrive (16GB or bigger recommended)
UniBeast Software
Mac OS X computer or VMWare image

Using your Mac OS X computer or Virtual Machine use the app store to download El Capitan. Download UniBeast and plug in your USB Thumbdrive to the Mac OS X computer or mount it on your virtual machine. Use Disk Utilities to make a partition. If your Mac is already on El Capitan the Disk Utilities will be easier to use. Just use the default options in Disk Utilities. Run the UniBeast software and it will put the installation architecture on your thumbdrive. Your thumbdrive is now ready to use.

Next, put the thumbdrive in to the PC you want Mac OS X installed on. When you boot up, you will be given the Clover boot menu. This installation process will be different for everyone. For example, on my Laptop to get it to install I had to add the boot options “cpu=1 nv_disable=1”. On my Desktop PC, I had to remove my video card to get it to install. Please use the website forums for any questions as they can help you get through this process quickly.

After the installation process is complete, download and run the MultiBeast software. If you have a GeForce video card, download and install the GeForce Mac OS X Web Drivers.

Using the UniBeast thumbdrive will allow you to boot in to either Windows or Mac OS X. There are several other multi-boot options you can find around the internet. Post in the comments below if you have any questions or comments and enjoy your new Hackintosh computer!