March 2014 Site Updates

Netflix look-a-like

The github project page is now removed as I have created my own git server. This new git server is embedded in the netflix project page here. It will show my changelog immediately after changes are made and update the download link. Currently it is just the main download button, but later when I have 1.9 final released I will have 2 buttons. 1 for Development Download and 1 for Stable Download.

Here are my plans for v2.0 after 1.9 final is released

make user login/register (users.php with USER:PASS:RESTRICTION format)
user modification options in admin panel like ban by IP, delete account, change pass etc.
moved video directories to config file instead of .ini
restrict videos to account ratings (parental controls)
place index.html file in data folder (ignore in functions) to protect data
merge tvshow.php and movie.php to video.php
merge all mobile files to mobile.php
create custom theme system
create payment renewal system or at least monthly expiration system option
more video streaming options (flash, windows media, HTML5, etc.)

South Park – The Stick of Truth Trainer

I released an alpha build of my trainer on the project page along with the cheat table. I want to add more like inf MP and some of Butter’s or Cartman’s information, but for right now you can modify your level or experience on the fly along with infinite combat HP. This should be enough to get you through the game for now.

Why is there a download countdown timer?

Lots of people like to come to my site to download 1 thing, then immediately leave. This brings my page ranking down severely with Google by bringing my bounce rate up. So, if you can after downloading my software, stay a while and read some of my articles, watch my videos or just see what other projects I have going on. I hope you understand, and enjoy your visit here!