May 2014 Updates

Netflix look-a-like
Yesterday I started work on the new v2.0 system, and so far so good. This is 100% from scratch! So far I created some classes, an included function file, a template system and attached SQLite3 database files. This will still be a 0 setup/installation system where you just upload the files and you’re good to go. The template is still just a bunch of html files sitting in a theme style folder, and no video data scrape yet, so nothing really to look at. The new system will not use iMDB but rather an open source movie/tvshow database to connect to, so cURL will not be a required module as it wasn’t enabled on most NAS and WAMP systems.

I will still not drop support for v1.9. If you have bugs reports, please do comment on the project page and I will fix them. This will be the older system, but I still want it to be an option for some people. Even if it is just to see where the project started from. Special thanks to James for helping me so much, I always appreciate any help I can get!

Chat IRC
With WordPress plugins being what they are, the only phpbb plugin system available is just terrible. So, I decided to make an IRC chat room. The new IRC chat service is up with Anope, so support can be more immediate. I have the client on my phone, so if you have any questions or reports to give me, feel free to drop in and say hi!

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