PC Game Trainer DLL Library

Since I’ve been building the EQTrainer program, I have recently since last year divided my code into a separate memory file. I started noticing that all the reading and writing to the process I’ve been doing has covered a wide variety of different uses. So, here is the Memory.dll given separate from the EQTrainer program. When I wanted to start making a trainer program I was using other developer’s memory programs but they were always lacking some sort of feature. This encumpasses hopefully every use that you need.

– Read / Write module + memory + offsets or memory + offsets. Not just static memory addresses!
– Memory addresses load from external ini file(s) or internally.
– Inject separate dll files to trigger internal functions.
– Read / Write strings, integers, floats, doubles, byte(s) of any size.
– AoB scans in sections of addresses for fast address locating.