Microsoft Security Essentials Windows XP Download

Microsoft Security Essentials is a free piece of anti-virus software distributed by Microsoft for Windows Vista and Windows 7. Until recently, there was support for Windows XP but was removed because of the dropped support for the Windows XP operating system. I however, do have a backed up copy of this if anyone would still want to use it. It definitely beats using Norton or McAfee, but without the support you will not be getting fixes for any new viruses found.

When this Microsoft Security Essentials did first release, it was the fastest and most accurate anti-virus available considering Norton Anti-Viruses used up 99% of your resources upon scan and McAfee just not protecting you at all. Later Microsoft Security Essentials was included in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 and you can see that in the Control Panel after installation of the operating system. Both Norton and McAfee are known for blocking good software from installing and doing unusual things like removing required dll files from software without letting you know ahead of time causing the software to not launch.

On the newer operating systems they do call it Windows Defender, as that is what it was called in Windows Vista, but it is really Microsoft Security Essentials. With this software you can do a scan (full, quick or customer), view quarantined items, allow items, and view all detected items. This does provider real time protection so if you do download bad software it will detect and warn you immediately upon detection. Just so everyone knows, it does submit information to Microsoft to help them prevent future viruses, but you can turn this option off in the settings. Windows 10 also comes with the option to use Cloud-based protection so instead of constantly updating the software every time known viruses are found, it will grab the database of known viruses from the Microsoft server and always be up to date.

Keep in mind this software does not combat Malware which has recently become the new popular way to attack computer systems. For free anti-malware I HIGHLY recommend malware bytes as it not only rids your system of malware, but also most viruses. This could be your all-in-one solution for keeping your PC safe. Not to mention, the professional version will block known bad malicious sites and IPs to prevent you from ever visiting them in the first place. This is very useful to help someone who knows very little about computers stay safe. Please note, you can purchase incredibly cheap malware bytes professional keys from which I wrote about.

The links provided below are given straight from Microsoft’s website and will not give you the usual download timer, but the Microsoft Security Essentials Windows XP download link is a backed up copy stored on Mega. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, or visit our forums to talk more on this subject!