New GitHub Repos!

Since I’ve been getting some calls on some programming jobs, I figured I would push my source codes to GitHub.

Netflix look-a-like –
Web Media Center (WebMC) –

Netflix look-a-like is a finished product, but I always get the common issue with cURL setup as every system is different. I tried giving an admin panel that can detect cURL, but it seems the issue still comes up every now and then. But if you have a php web server with cURL enabled, you’re all set.

WebMC, otherwise known as netflix look-a-like version 2. This does not require cURL and instead uses an open source movie and tv/show database provider. But this version lets you shut it off and go ahead and put your own video data for personal videos and region specific videos that aren’t available in the database. This version has 10x more features than the original netflix look-a-like as I incorporated SQLite which can store data and at the same time require 0 setup. User registration and login with a payment option as almost everyone has been asking for will be coming later.