Oddworld New n Tasty, Xbox One vs PC

I was given a review copy of New ‘n’ Tasty for the Xbox One just yesterday, and I had just beaten the PC version a few weeks ago, so I will give my thoughts on what you can expect in these different versions.

Xbox One New ‘n’ Tasty

When I got my Xbox One I played Max: The Curse of Brotherhood this game recorded certain scenes that it felt were epic and put them on your hard drive to share with your friends. In Halo 2: Anniversary they added lots of new Xbox One features like integration with the Smart Glass. With this copy of New ‘n’ Tasty you get nothing special. You can use the built in features like snapping the side panels to view achievements while you play or chatting with your friends. You can record the previous 30 seconds of gameplay, but these are all standard features with all Xbox One games. The graphics are set pretty high, but when they zoom in to the graphics they get a little blurry, and there were about 5-10 scenes that lagged like the last level “The Board Room” with the alarms going off and Abe having to move very accurately through the meat grinders and mines was EXTREMELY difficult with the lag. Every button press had to be planned in advance so you can expect lots of quick saving/loading. If you don’t have high enough specs to run this game on your PC, this is a good alternative to experiencing this game. Even with the new NVidia video cards you can record the previous 30 seconds of a game, so what’s really special about this version?

PC New ‘n’ Tasty

This was the first version I purchased from Steam. They put in the ability to use a controller, specifically Xbox controllers, cloud saving and achievements. They didn’t have to put in these features, but it makes it that much more fun to play. I format my computers VERY often so to have the cloud saving feature was a huge plus in my book. Without this feature I probably would have waited for a different console release. Another perk of having the PC version is the ability to crank up the graphics and have better hardware to back the game up with. Unfortunately I did not have good hardware to play with, but it ran the game very well. I was running on an i3, 2gbs ram and a 750gtx. If you plan on running this game on a computer with an SSD keep in mind the game has loading screens with some monologue about what is coming in the next scene, so you will be missing these since your zones will be loading almost instantly. It’s almost better to play on a standard spinning HDD.


That’s really all I have to review about this copy. What I recommend is pick whichever system is your favorite. If you use your Xbox One more than any other system, or if your PC has high end hardware and you want to see the beautiful visuals it’s up to you.

Just thought I would upload my leaderboard screenshot of all 299 mudokons on hard mode! 🙂