New Release Season: The Newest IP and Popular Sequel Rumors

2016 has just started, and we already have a lot of game releases to look forward to, and that’s just considering the ones announced officially. Lately, a lot of rumors have surfaced on the Internet about new sequels continuing popular franchises. At the same time, the weeks ahead are packed with amazing releases, which were long awaited. Without further ado, here are the most promising upcoming releases:


At the time of writing, there are two hours left before SUPERHOT officially gets released on Steam, and it has been a long time coming now. The game was initially developed for a 7-day challenge, with its prototype still available for free on the Internet (you can try it here). Upon seeing the positive reaction from players, the developers behind SUPERHOT decided to create a Kickstarter for a full release, which was extremely successful. Between now and then, a limited demo was distributed exclusively to Kickstarter backers. Now, the game is finally ready to see the light of day as a full release.

SUPERHOT is an amazingly innovative First-Person Shooter, in which time moves only when you move. This makes the game extremely similar to strategy games, where you have time to plan your next move, such as where to shoot next, how to dodge the bullet coming straight at you, and how to not be cornered. The game’s plot was first revealed in the limited demo, but you will find the plot irrelevant given the extremely fun gameplay.

[Rumor]Pokemon Sun and Moon

Tomorrow, Nintendo will broadcast a Pokemon Direct in order to celebrate 20 years of the franchise. This also means that we will most likely see the announcement of a new chapter of the Pokemon franchise, as Nintendo has trademarked two names, with logos: Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. The logos appear to be official, or if they are fake, they are some of the best fakes ever seen.

Nintendo Pokémon Direct is scheduled for tomorrow, February 26, at 16.00 CET/15.00 GMT/7.00 am PT and it will be broadcasted on Twitch at and Nintendo Direct website at

Deponia Doomsday

Created by Daedalic Entertainment, the Deponia Trilogy was praised by point & click fans for its great humor, while receiving a bit of hate for some of its extremely complicated puzzles. Nevertheless, although the trilogy was completed, and Rufus’ story has ended, it seems that Daedalic Entertainment has decided to continue it, with Deponia Doomsday being teased today. The trailer features an older Rufus, and its description is: “Can you change Deponia’s fate? Do you have what it takes to change Rufus’ past, present and future without accidently destroying the whole planet? Fight time itself in this action-packed, platypus-tastic and insanely hilarious story.”

[Rumor]Alan Wake’s Return

Just as with Deponia Doomsday, Remedy Entertainment has recently trademarked “Alan Wake’s Return”, which means that we might actually get another chapter of the famous writer’s story. The Alan Wake series featured an amazing, dark art style across two games: Alan Wake, which was the main game, and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, a zombie-based spin-off. The games had a bestselling author, Alan Wake, following a story he unknowingly wrote, fighting hordes of shadows using light and weapons in order to rescue his wife. The game was praised for its horrifying atmosphere and fluid third-person game play.

We can only hope that this rumor turns out to be true, and that we will get more of the writer’s terrifying stories in 2016. With Microsoft giving away free backwards-compatible copies of Alan Wake for Xbox One and the trademark, we should expect an official announcement in the upcoming weeks.