Newgrounds Windows Store App for Phones, Tablets and PCs!

Newgrounds is known for having the most creative artwork, unique audio and a wide variety of movies. Not to mention the Newgrounds content is uncensored, so a video you see from a creator on youtube may be censored or have certain parts removed, using this app you can see exactly what the artist intended. After logging in with your Newgrounds account in the app, you can use the adult filter to view literally everything in the Newgrounds media portals.


  • Adjustable content filters
  • Audio and Video streaming
  • Browse artwork
  • Change portal categories
  • Search portal content
  • As with this development, I had to go through the process of submitting the app, creating screenshots etc. and as it was being submitted I looked back on what could be done for improvements on the next version. When you purchase this app for $0.99 you will be helping me with all the charges associate with submitting apps to these mobile stores. If you do purchase this app, post in the forums, comment below, email me, tweet or write on the community Facebook wall as I want to thank you personally for supporting me and my software.
    I do plan on developing something for the Android and iOS market eventually, but first I need to learn it. So until then you can still enjoy the content found on Please use the big button below the screenshots to visit the Windows store where you can donwload the app. Thank you!


    Newgrounds Featured Content Hub Page

    Newgrounds Audio Portal Content

    Newgrounds Movie Portal Content

    Change Categories or Search


    Stream Music / Audio

    View Artwork

    Log In and Change Filters