newgroundsmobile overhaul

Here’s a summary of the changes made. Newgrounds decided to add DDoS protection, so I had to alter the cURL code. Then from the last server move I lost the htaccess and had to rebuild the short URLs. I optimized the site as some pages were using cURL more than they had to. Then I redesigned the audio browsing, video browsing and headers to be more touch friendly and any other small visual issues and minor changes I’ve been wanting to make for a while now. Also added a new games section that shows the HTML5 games currently available.

Changelog 08/17/2015
Fixed profile All Art page links
Added HTML5 games browsing, info and play pages
Added frontpage newest 5 HTML5 games display
Changed BBS to a better touch UI

Changelog 8/12/15
Fixed BBS
Fixed profile avatars; newgrounds code change
Fixed front page site news links
Fixed searching; no longer uses cookies
Fixed frontpage collections and series
Fixed database login credentials from server move
Fixed set_cookies and colliding
Fixed audio portal htaccess browsing code
Fixed video portal text overflow
Fixed video portal genre browsing htaccess code
Changed art gallery items from 25 to 43 for new newgrounds code
Changed frontpage audio and news styling
Changed profile audio and video list styling
Changed analytics to newer code
Changed scripts for index page to increase speed
Changed audio_info, video_info and art_info code for increased speed
Changed changelog from txt file to html file
Changed cURL for new newgrounds code
Changed header text and filter buttons to a bigger size
Changed art gallery to be center on frontpage & art portal page
Changed video portal styling
Added new adult filter code
Added favicon