Using Joysticks with World of Warcraft

Use your N64 Controller (or other joysticks) to play World of Warcraft and other PC games.

A few things are needed. First, you need a controller (N64).
Second, a program that can convert the buttons to keyboard keys (xpadder).
You configure the program (xpadder) to whatever keys you want for the keyboard, and thats it!

N64 Controller Common Binds – Favor right side

  • Z = Jump/up
  • Start = Map
  • Joystick = Walking directions
  • Direction Pad = Whatever buttons you need, maybe backpack, or macro buttons
  • A = Primary attack/initiate attack
  • B = 2nd attack
  • C Buttons = More binds, maybe attacks 3-6
  • Right Trigger = Mount up
  • Left Trigger = View questlog


XPadder Download

N64 XPadder Settings File <– I lost the file, sorry…