November and December 2015 Changes

November Releases and Changes

Newgrounds Mobile Apps

The mobiles apps for Newgrounds were released, including the Kodi plugin! This was a very exciting project since I did not know Java, Python or the new C# functions so this was a very big and fun learning experience. Not to mention the marketing for the apps was more difficult in some markets than others. The Windows app was the first released as all I had to do was learn the new C# sync function. This is similar to backgroundworker except it is more automated! Android was a very big learning curve, but this new IDE Google released is 10x better than the old one, so that made it a little more comfortable to play around with the functions. The Kodi plugin only took several hours to learn as there were tons of Python tutorials online and it works great!

December Releases and Changes


I released the new SteamSaveBackup; a new piece of software that takes your Steam game saves and sends them to your Google Drive. There is of course LOTS of other features like auto game detection and auto restore/backup after and before you play a game. There is a steam greenlight page that has some downloads and people testing. You can join the discussion there, and help bring awareness to the project. You’re also welcome to follow my Steam account (erfg12) to chat and play games together.

Cheat Manager & Trainers

The cheat manager has a small upgrade to add a notification icon, and to fix some very minor bugs. Not much to report there, but I did release a Final Fantasy VII trainer that I built since I noticed forums didn’t have a cheat table available for the game.

January 2016 Changes to Come

Website SEO & Content

2016 January is going to be all about SEO and content. This community is about technology, and I hate how slow the articles have been coming along. So, we now we have a daily content writer joining us Ternovan Darius! We will also have a new Video reviewer join us GoonNoodles and will have some articles up soon. Lots of modifications have already started taking place to the home page, and how content is displayed. But, there is still more changes to come to help the community grow. The social media Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts continue to grow, and it seems everyone prefers them to our comments and forums, so I have removed the forums and will hope everyone will instead follow the social media groups for their news and support.

Software Updates

This first updated software you will see is probably Bing Rewards Bot. I haven’t been able to program in any sort of proxy as I didn’t have any proxies to test with. I now have several proxies and my tests have been positive so far. You will see pushes to the GitHub repo source before seeing a final released update.

More cheat trainers will be added since I’m learning more about some advanced process reading methods. There could even be a possible memory.dll update in the future. Right now I’m adding the option to read and write from memory addresses in a string or from the codes.ini file. This way you can leave the codes in the trainer to hide them if you want to.

Newgrounds Mobile app for iOS is planned and has some of the code written. I had to take a break from this to work with some clients who needed some programming jobs done, so I hope to return to this and release it before the end of the year. When I get closer to finishing this, I will let you know

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