Open XML Craigslist

Scrape craigslist data and populate XML fields for apps and programs. If you want to build a craigslist program or app you need to pull data from Craigslist. This is the easiest way! Place this script on your PHP web server and develop your app or program and use XML to pull the data from the script.

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The index.php will give you a sample of how to use this data.
craigslist.php will display all the XML data being cURL’d.
This program grabs data from any craigslist URL for listings and lists.

These scripts use cURL to gather the information from the craigslist pages.
The craigslist.php file reformats the information in to XML format to use
with other programming languages.

If you have any questions, comments or bugs to report please post in the comments below!

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