Play Vanilla World of Warcraft

With the recent take down of Nostalrius, I personally had no idea there were Vanilla World of Warcraft servers or how popular they really were. Kinda similar to EverQuest and Project 1999 with 1300-2000+ players.

So first, we need to pick a popular server, one that we can have equally as much fun on. Some servers will have what’s called FUN aka faster leveling and faster gear etc. or the way I prefer Blizz aka normal.

Differences between Vanilla and Live

– Hunters need to purchase quivers and arrows
– Hunters need to manually click melee attack from range attack if monsters get close.
– No Pandas, Death Knights, Troll Druids, Goblines, Worgen
– Simpler UI, but can still use addons
– Server(s) are independently owned
– Free to play
– No auto group finding system (more social as a result)
– No patches, ever.

Realm providers

vanillagaming – Faster exp.
Kronos – Normal exp. Servers tend to disconnect due to sudden high player ratio.
Vanilla Feenix – Multi-realm (fast or normal options)

How to play

  1. Download the Windows Client or Mac Client.
  2. Register an account on the realm provider’s website. Choose one above.
  3. Go to your World of Warcraft 1.12 folder and edit the file with notepad and change the server according to the realm provider you chose from above.