Playing Android Games With A Controller – DroidMote Review


When playing some high quality multiplayer Android games on a touch device, you might be thinking, “is there an easier way”. Yes, thank god there is! Games like Shadowgun: Deadzone require you to use touch, but allow you to use joysticks but hate mice. Some other games do not have joystick options.

Let’s say you have an MK802/MK809 or some sort of TV Android device. These devices do not have touch and require you to use a mouse or remote app. Most of these devices should offer Bluetooth as an option, and have at least 1 USB port. At this point you could use a PS3 controller and sync it using the Sixaxis Controller App. This would work, but for some stupid reason the developers thought it would be fine to not allow mouse controls to click the menus, so you can’t get through the menu system to queue up for a game.

Our solution is a remote touch app. There is a free app for MK802/MK809 devices, but it only works on the 2.4ghz band, and if you’re using a newer android phone, chances are you will be using the 5.0ghz band and not have an option to switch this. I’m not even sure if it properly emulates touch for the apps.

We need DroidMote Server and Client. If you watch the video, you can even see that the developer is playing a lot of the games that require touch.

After syncing our PS3 controller, we need setup our DroidMote app. You might notice he is switching the mouse controls over to TouchMouse which requires a touch profile. You can get this by downloading it from Scroll to the bottom and download the “Server screen 1280×720 orientation 0”. Chances are, that’s the one you need. After selecting the profile in the settings of the app, this now lets us turn on the TouchMouse option to select through any menu options needed to queue up for a game.