Playing backed up Xbox 360 and Original Xbox games on your Xbox 360

Personally I like being able to select my games without needing to open a game disc tray and swapping discs or worse, have a game disc not read because of scratches on a game that I already spent $60+tax on! If I paid for it, it should just work! Because of the limited capacity of the hard drives given by Microsoft, and the inability to play burnt game discs, this machine was nowhere near what computers are capable of doing. But thankfully, there is a solution! iXtreme, the custom flash firmware for the xbox 360!

With the iXtreme, we can play burnt game discs of our favorite backed up games. Now we can back up our games on our computers, and burn them to a disc if our games become too scratched to play. I highly recommend installing an xk3y so you can put all your games on a big external USB hard drive. Not to mention, you can put your original xbox games on as well using the XDVDMulleter software.

The process of installing the iXtreme flashed firmware will begin with opening your Xboxx 360. It is easier to use the older models of the xbox 360 as you will find the instructions easier to follow. The software you will be using to place iXtreme on the xbox 360 game disc drive is JungleFlasher. After you download the software, read and follow the PDF instructions word for word and don’t skip a single sentence. It will help you identify what model of Xbox 360 you have, and what exactly you need to do to open the Xbox 360 firmware for dumping and re-writing with iXtreme.


XDVDMulleter – Convert original Xbox games to play on xk3y HDD
iXtreme LT+ and JungleFlasher – Game disc drive flashing software


Torx 8 and normal screwdriver – To open xbox 360 console case shell
Read JungleFlasher PDF for other various hardware required for dumping xbox 360 game disc drive firmware

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