Playstation 2 Slim Hacking

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This modification to your console will let you play backed up copies of PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games. This tutorial is only for the slim model.


  • Philips head (+) screwdriver
  • PS2 Memory card
  • PS3 memory card adapter
  • Windows computer
  • Duct Tape


Before we start, let’s make note of the 3 sensors that the PS2 slim uses to recognize if the lid is closed. So, press the eject button to pop open the top CD/DVD lid. Do you see the front one near the power button, the one in the back left, and the CD/DVD physical break mechanism (it moves left/right) in the CD/DVD spinning crater?


  1. Install the adapter driver files. Extract the “ps3mca-tool-fmcb-1.8c.zip” content. Run FORMAT.BAT, then INSTALL.BAT. You now have a memory card with the FREE MCBOOT mod.

  2. Open your PS2 by removing the 5 feet and break the small warranty sticker to get at the 6th screw. – IMAGE.

  3. Once the screws are removed, flip the console over. Pull up on the top lid. The front/right side will get stuck, pull it back towards the left to clear the tabs.

  4. The small chip on the front/right has a tiny black switch on top. Tape that down with duct tape.

  5. There is a small black button near the back left of the CD tray. That button needs to be taped down.

  6. On the underside of the physical CD/DVD break mechanism bundle up a small piece of duct tape to jam in between the plastic switch to keep it to the right.

  7. Put the lid back on, put the screws back in. Put in the memory card to your PS2 console, start it up. You are now in FREE MCBOOT. Go to settings (bottom option), turn fast boot off, and go in to OCSD settings and “Skip Disc Boot” off.

  8. Test it out. Try the PS1 swap disk engine. Everything should work.

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