PlayStation TV Gets USB Memory Card Emulation

TheFlow has released a new updated version to VitaShell, version 1.61. He only tested this with thumbsticks, but some users on Twitter have said it works somewhat with external HDDs as well. I just purchased a new PSTV on Amazon along with a 256GB thumbstick to test this out.

Why purchase a new PSTV instead of a used one? If you purchase a new PSTV you get a firmware version below 3.60 which the hack Henkaku requires. It is also wise to leave your PSTV on at all times to keep it on the hack and disable auto updating. Now I will show you what I did step by step.

1) After opening the PSTV box, we hook it up and DO NOT connect it to the internet. Update the PSTV to firmware version 3.60 using the following method.

2) Format your thumbstick to FAT32. Download the PSVUPDATE.PUP file from the link above. Make a folder structure PSVITA/UPDATE/PSVUPDAT.PUP on your thumbstick. Do not Put the thumbstick in the USB port on the back of your PSTV just yet. Plug in a PS3 or PS4 controller first.

3) Make sure your PSTV is powered off. Now, put your PSTV in safe mode by holding down the power button on the back for 7 seconds. You will now see a menu system on your TV. Navigate down to “Update System Software”. Once you start the updating process, unplug your PS3/PS4 controller and plug in your thumbstick with the update file/folders on it.

4) After the consol reboots, check the system menu option to make sure it’s on 3.60. Disable the “System->Auto Start Settings->Download Update File for System Software” option. Your console may ask you to update at times, do not accept this.

5) Install Henkaku by opening the browser and navigating to If you get an error message, reboot the PSTV and try again. You can also try clearing the browser cache. You should now have the molecularShell app on your home screen.

6) Open the mail app, now close it. Open the molecularShell app, press the PAUSE button and turn safe mode off. Then, press the SELECT button on your controller. You can now FTP in to the console using a client like FileZilla on your PC. Download the offline installer and drag the .vpk file in to the “ux0” folder. On your PSTV press O to go back and navigate to “ux0”. If you press X on the offline installer .vpk this will start installing. It will put an email in your mail app so every time you open that email you install Henkaku again. This eliminates the error message bug and makes installation easier (you have to re-install every time you reboot).

7) Install the vitashell v1.61+ the same way. I recommend only using VitaShell from now on instead of the molecularShell app. Once in VitaShell we can now mount our thumbstick as a memory card…

1) Launch VitaShell and press /\ in the ‘home’ section.
2) Select ‘Mount uma0:’ and attach your USB flash drive. You can now copy stuff from/to your USB stick.
3) Once ‘uma0:’ is listed under the partitions, press /\ again and choose ‘Mount USB ux0:’. This will copy important apps like VitaShell, molecularShell, and other files.
4) Your USB flash drive is now acting as a Memory Card.
NOTE: This patch is only temporary and you need to redo the procedure every time you launch your PS TV.

Optional: Play PSP games by visiting on your Vita browser, installing ePSP bubble VPK and the Adrenaline VPK. Also a right stick patch exists too.

IMPORTANT: If you want Adrenaline, you must remove your USB thumbdrive, install the PSP Demo and Adrenaline, FTP to PSTV and backup pspemu folder to your PC, then mount the USB memory as uma0, transfer pspemu to uma0, then mount USB as ux0. Otherwise, it won’t work!

UPDATE: PSN spoofing is now available in Henkaku/TaiHenkaku version 8!

How to update Henkaku: Power off, power on. Visit, the installation will start. Launch offline-installer bubble to update the offline email. Done.