Playstation Vita HACKED – Homebrew now available!

The new project HENKaku is in full swing, and mod bulletin boards are all reporting on it. Lots of independent developers are jumping on board converting their open source projects and in the past several days the community for homebrew has been booming! In the past there was the Rejuvenate project which initially brought homebrew to the scene, but it was quite difficult to get your Vita in to this system. That’s where HENKaku shines. It is incredibly easy to install, and works on the current firmware 3.60!

How do I get HANKaku?

1) Check system settings > about to make sure you’re on 3.60 firmware. If not, update and get on it! After you update, restart your Vita before continuing. This helps, I think.

2) Open the web browser on your vita and navigate to and press the INSTALL button.

That’s it, you’re ready to use Homebrew! Check here for any troubleshooting.

What homebrew is currently available?

Ports (newly compiled PSP homebrew isn’t considered as port as long it wasn’t a port itself)

vitaWolfen (Wolfenstein 3D)
vitaQuake (Quake I)
Doom (You need the original Doom WAD files, its illegal to download them from the internet even when they are so easy to find and so small)
Doom (PrBoom, prboom_libretro.vpk) (Part of RetroArch, only nightlys atm, just use the Doom above)
2048 (2048_libretro.vpk) (Part of RetroArch, a game, just look here)
Cave Story (nxengine_libretro.vpk) (Part of RetroArch, a game, only nightlys atm)
Numpty Physics for Vita (A physics based game) [v0.3]

Original (includes remakes, clones, implementations of abstract machines, PSP homebrew compiled for HENKaku…)

BreakVeetOut (A BreakOut clone) [v1.0]
Conway’s Game of Life (Try the Glider :)) [v1.0]
RejuveSnake (Basic snake game) [v1.0]
ReverseMe (A othello clone)
Tactic Miner (Tactic Miner fell in an unknown cavern. Help him escape. 2D action game) [v1.0]
4Rows (A “Connect 4” / “Four in a row game”) [v1.0]
PSP2048 (A 2048 clone, there is a 2048-PSP.vpk in the folder)
Flood It! (A game where you have to flood the whole game board with one color in less than the allowed steps)
MilieTetris (a black and white (and yellow) Tetris clone, simple and straight Tetris fun by Guidobot) [v1.0]


Procedural Planets (Right Button: Generate new Planet – Start Button: Exit, github)
Vita TV whitelister (This homebrew whitelists otherwise unplayable Vita games on the Vita TV, no PSP games) [v1.1]
VitaTester (A simple homebrew for testing the input data on the PSVita. Mostly used to try if your Vita is functional and to try out the API, source code)
VitaScreenFlasher (A simple Homebrew that is supposed to fix stuck pixels on a LCD TV, better then trying to massage the pixels to live again…)
Lua Player Plus Vita (lpp-vita) (Interpreter for the script language Lua. Needed for executing Lua scripts]
FTPVita (A FTP server) [v1.0]
WebSample (Installs the removed system app “NPXS10916” into ux0, with original bg0 and icon0.) [v1.0]
vitahelloworld (A developer beginners program, hasn’t any value for not devs)
MolecularShell MOD (Modded version of MolecularShell which allows access to all folders)
Mini Settings (the Mini Settings program that you can’t find in 3.60 anymore)


Every retro console known to mankind! You’ll have to check or Google to get these, there is far too many to make a list of. RetroArch has builds available now for the Vita!

PC Programs

PSVita DB Theme Installer 360 (A easy to use installer for themes, as these here)
Icon/LiveArea BUNDLE for HENkaku (Bundle of icons and livearea images)

Bubble Studio (Website for configure bubbles)
Auto-Bubble tool (An automated script that will clone any PSP bubble on your Vita)

HENkaku-webserver (For installing HENkaku without internet, became a lot easier and faster to install than it was with the first release)

VPK packer script by Akabane87 (Batch for compiling/converting/… a source code to a VPK. It assumes that the makefile is in the same folder as the outputed velf)


HENKaku showcase (The list from the hacks official site)
VPK mirror (The legendary VPK mirror)
Hackinformer list (The list in on the hackinformer forum)
PSX-Place list (The list from psx-place)
humbertosnk’s list (The list made by humbertosnk)