Pokemon GO Bot

Want to become the best Pokemon Go player without doing… anything?! Use this program to have a bot catch them, and visit pokestops automatically essentially farming for experience, items and pokemon.

Software download at the bottom of this post!

This program was written in C# based on the Pokemon Pocket Rocket API.

If you get a “no usable pokestops” error loop, open your settings and copy/paste this in – http://pastebin.com/raw/j67dTiGq

WARNING: My account was banned. Not sure if this program is safe now or not. This program automatically updates to the newest version.

How to set it up

After downloading PokeColor(NecroBot) extract the contents of the .zip file to a location.

UPDATE 8/26/2016: The NecroBot github has closed, but there is a very active fork available. The setup files are still available and should work. If you have any issues, please let me know.

Open the configuration file with notepad and edit your login credentials.

Visit latlong.net and use those coordinates in the DefaultLatitude and DefaultLongitude tags.
rare pkmn locs

After that, save and close the configuration file. Execute the bot executable file to start.


WARNING: If all pokemon are fleeing AND you’re not gaining exp. from PokeStops, you’re soft banned.
If the bot doesn’t fix this automatically, wait 30 minutes and it will start catching Pokemon again.

Enjoy! – Virus scan resultsPokemon GO server statusCatch any Pokemon, anywhere!

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  1. Hello, thank you for a boat and the boat after 30 minutes of work stiffens and ceases to perform any operations

    1. Try to increase this value to 40 … 50 in the settings
      “Key”: “itemPokeBall”,
      “Value”: 25

    1. That’s really just whatever is nearby. If you want to really snipe, check out the Pokemon Sniping post. That should shed some light on the subject.

      1. erfg12, please make a tutorial video about Pokemon Sniping a very interesting project.
        Thank you for your work.

  2. hey erfg12,

    after a while of running (~20-30 mins) i often get the following failures (see images) and the bot stops.
    any idea?? and why the bot types so much times, that he is looking for pokemon?


    thanks for help!

    is there any option, that the bot catch more pokemon instead of looting pokestops? my coords are for central parc and there are soooo much pokemon.. but the but just catch 1 and go a pokestop, go to next pokestop, go to next pokestop, and than he catch a pokemon.. it would be better if the bot would catch all pokemon in the nearly area, before he walks to the next pokestop 😉

  3. this command no out
    “Execute start-bot.bat again, it will ask if you want Google or PTC, so press 0 or 1 and hit enter.”

  4. hey erfg12,

    is it possible that the bot save pokemons + candys until he can evovle ~50 times, using lucky egg and start evolving the 50 pokemons?

    it feels like the bot didn’t evolve really, i never see it in the logfile..

  5. “(INFO) Program will continue after the key press…” Is it possible to make an automatic continuation of work after the bot errors?

  6. i only got the errors if i farm at central parc.

    since yesterday i am at santamonica pear and don’t get any error yet (14h botting)..

  7. I can’t use PokemonToSnipe.
    Command Prompt is displayed ‘No Pokemon found to snipe!’.
    Can we solve it?

  8. When the pokemon sniping program first started that part worked great and helped me get all kinds of magicarp and similar pokemon, but the sniping part doesn’t work any longer and I’ve changed nothing. Do you have any idea about this?

  9. Is there a way to fix the loot failing of Pokestops?

    Name: INFO: Looting failed, possible softban. Unban in: 1/45

    Also when it happens no name or info of the Pokestop is displayed

  10. i think theres a new type of soft ban:

    Incubator status update: 9,84km left
    No usable PokeStops found in your area. Is your maximum distance too small?
    Incubator status update: 9,84km left
    No usable PokeStops found in your area. Is your maximum distance too small?
    Incubator status update: 9,84km left
    No usable PokeStops found in your area. Is your maximum distance too small?
    Incubator status update: 9,84km left
    No usable PokeStops found in your area. Is your maximum distance too small?
    Incubator status update: 9,84km left

  11. Damn! the new version of the bot -.-
    there is only a option TotalAmountOfPotionsToKeep”… where i can specify WHICH potions he should keep? -.- they deleted the part.. he is recycling hyperpotions .. that can’t be true! damn autoupdate!

    Any idea how i can get this options back? i want to choose WHICH potions he should keep, not just the numbers in general.. exactly the same with the pokeballs..

    now only this options:
    “TotalAmountOfPotionsToKeep”: ,

    he is recycling superballs and hyperpotions.. nice..

    by the way, he transfered 3x 2200+ Dragoran because the new functions -.- no comment.. (yes i know “PrioritizeIvOverCp”).. but before he didnt transfer my dragos.. it was because the specific options for drago, snorlax with CP2600 etc. as default.

  12. Any Idea why the bot use so much greater balls after the update?

    i’ve set “UseGreatBallAboveCp”: 850 but he use much greater balls for pokemons which are @ 300 or 400 cp… 🙁 any idea?

  13. i dont have a good refresh token but the bot is working fine. havent ran for over an hour yet but should i delete and redownload?

  14. how the fuck i can tell the bot that he DON’T use greater balls?

    i’ve set “UseGreatBallAboveCp”: 800,

    but he always use greaterballs for much lower CP pokemons.. 🙁

    watch this:

    [00:55:37] Arriving to Pokestop: Giant Flower Sculpture in (23m)
    [00:55:37] Looking for Pokemon…
    [00:55:40] (CatchSuccess) | (Normal) Ekans Lvl: 19 CP: (383/447) IV: 43.00% | Chance: 34.35% | 62.45m dist | with a GreatBall (1 left). | Candies: 22
    [00:55:42] Looking for incense Pokemon…
    [00:55:43] Name: Giant Flower Sculpture XP: 100, Gems: 0, Items: 2 x ItemPokeBall, 1 x ItemSuperPotion
    [00:55:45] Arriving to Pokestop: Vintage Skier in (69m)

    i want to collect the greater balls 🙁

  15. Priority Iv Over CP your choice?

    Guys I hope this will help you make the right choice

    IV’s Explained

    Each type of Pokemon has a base set of attributes for Stamina, Attack and Defence. Each specific Pokemon is “born” with it’s own IV (individual values), that further increase these stats by 0-15 extra points. You can not change the IV’s, not all Pokemon are born equal.
    These IV’s make small differences in the final power of a Pokemon. For example, the base attributes of a Charizard are 212, 182, 156. This would be the “worst” charizard available where all IV’s are zero. With max IV’s, a Charizard would have 227, 197, 171. Each of these Atk, Def and Stam values for Charizard are only 7-10% better.
    Nonetheless, if having the absolute best Pokemon is critical to you, this tool wll help you find the hidden IV values that your Pokemon has so you can decide to keep it or try for something better.
    This tool uses the two following formulas and the inputs you provide about your Pokemon to attempt to identify its IVs:
    HP = (Base Stam + Stam IV) * Lvl(CPScalar)
    CP = (Base Atk + Atk IV) * (Base Def + Def IV)^0.5 * (Base Stam + Stam IV)^0.5 * Lvl(CPScalar)^2 / 10
    Note that Pokemon have hidden levels and each level requires two “Power-Ups”, this tool will display Level 4.5 if your Pokemon has had one Power-Up after level 4.
    Major credit to u/__isitin__ for digging up the data

    1. @Ash,

      you need to confirm the welcome E-Mail if you use PTC account.

      check your emails! You have 48 hours to verify your email @ PTC, or you can’t login anymore..

  16. erfg12, why in the latest version of the bot 0.5.0 does not work embedded snayperpokemon? I looked through my logs – never worked.

  17. Can I somehow setup bot just to visit pokestops and do not catch pokemons? My pokeballs have ended…

  18. Do you want to start typing Sniper Pokemon balls in the necessary quantity?
    I think is to test these options:
    “MinPokeballsToSnipe”: 20
    “MinPokeballsWhileSnipe”: 0

  19. Worked great then suddenly started transfering EVERYTHING, luckily i stopped it just in time… but wtf

    1. If it’s garbage like Pidgey’s and Ratatta’s it will. Check settings. Most of the time it looks at IV and not CP, so you can change that if needed. Also, I noticed that if the bot updates the settings are reset.

      1. no absolutely not, it transferred more than just trash, the only thing i’ve ever modified what was necessary to make it work and coordinates… this is litterally deleting EVERY thing crap or not.

  20. yo stop changing the bot, everytime u change it it gets worse and worse. just transferred all my pokemon and left me with 80. bullshit

  21. hope they fix this cause this bot is horrible. i left the settings the same as the last bot and it transfered gyarados porygons blastoises ect. also catching level 4 goldeens with ultra balls and since this morning i lost over 80 ultra balls and 50 greatballs to bs pokemon and now i have 0 of each but like 150 pokeballs. went on their forum to fix this but it didnt help

  22. what can i do when the bot always says:
    No usable PokeStops found in your area. Is your maximum distance too small?
    its only when log in with the PTC

    1. No usable PokeStops found in your area. Is your maximum distance too small?
      its only when log in with the Google

  23. No usable PokeStops found in your area.Is your maximum distance too small? What does this mean? anyway my level is 22 so i travel far enough i think.

  24. sorry but i founth this problem it u can help me:
    Impossible de trouver un PokeStop. Modifiez la valeur de MaxTravelDistanceInMeters dans config.json

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