Pokemon GO Power Level!

A new build of NecroBot has emerged that has all the proper settings to power level you! It will evolve and trash Pokemon like crazy and has Sniper location finding. But, it works very very well. It has on average 127k experience per hour and 250k experience per hour with lucky eggs.

Don’t worry about adjusting the location, it will not soft ban you, and if it does it should automatically fix that. It walks about 100km per hour, and will use Lucky Eggs at will. This uses a 5.0 version of NecroBuild and will not automatically update.

NOTE: If you get an error message, “System.Net.WebException: The Operation Has Timed Out”, just ignore it. It will happen from time to time. The message itself just means it was trying to grab sniper locations but timed out. It will attempt to do it again and again. Hopefully it will succeed eventually.

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