Pokemon GO Sniping – Catch Any Pokemon!

Let’s say there is a Pokemon you really want to get. Maybe a Hitmonchan, just for example. Well you can get that Pokemon by searching on a map system for the coordinates and using a program called PokeSniper! Due to recent account bans I would use these programs with caution!

Use PokeFinder to find a pokemon coordinates to snipe.

First, edit user.xml and type in your google or PTC username/password credentials.

Next, browse the site skiplagged.com/pokemon and click and drag to navigate the map. When you spot the pokemon you want, zoom in. Zoom in as far as you can go, click on it and look at your web browser address bar. That is your latitude and longitude coordinates. Highlight that line after the @ symbol, right click and press Copy.

Then, open PokeSniper2.exe and type in the name of the pokemon you want to catch (in this example, we type in Hitmonchan).

Last, right click which should automatically paste the coordinates in to the command prompt and hit enter. You should now have caught that pokemon!

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    1. Just edit user.xml with notepad, run the program. Type in pokemon name and “lat,long”. That’s it. I was gonna do a video yesterday but pokevision.com was down all day.

      1. Hope that you’ll find a solution to get unbanned with the Ptc account because that tool is not working anymore 🙁

  1. Not sure why I got softbanned. I didnt go far from my current location and I thought regardless I would not be softbanned. Please let me know, Thanks

    Pokemon: Nidoqueen
    Latitude, Longitude: 40.78306390342473,-73.96577060222626
    [1:25:41 PM] Looking for a Nidoqueen at 40.7830639034247, -73.9657706022263.
    [1:25:46 PM] Tried to use a RazzBerry, but failed.
    [1:25:47 PM] Nidoqueen got away.
    – CP: 580
    – IV: 40.8651402524756
    – Move 1: PoisonJabFast
    – Move 2: Earthquake
    [1:25:47 PM] ! You are softbanned. You need to lift this softban before Pokemon can be caught.
    [1:25:48 PM] Caught everything we could find.
    Snipe Another?
    [Enter] Confirm – [X] Exit

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