Pokemon GO Un-SoftBan With QuickSpin

There is a new program out that is using an exploit to un-softban your Pokemon GO account called quickspin. Developed by maclone of ownedcore.

With this program you can go to another country or far off location easily and in minutes instead of having to wait 30+ minutes.


1) Edit user.xml with notepad. Set DefaultLatitude and DefaultLongitude to the location you want to travel to. Save and close.
NOTE: If you are using PTC, you need to change AuthType to Ptc and fill in PtcUsername and PtcPassword.

2) Run QuickSpin.exe and answer the questions. It will let you know when it is done.

UPDATE: NecroBot (PokeColor) and PokeSniper now have built in anti-softban. No need for any additional programs!



  1. hello
    i just want to tell the quickspin is not work or some file, failed, because i dont get the code for google device

    thank you
    best regard and support

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