Web Updates February 2014

Here’s what I’ve been working on this month.

Netflix look-a-like

I have updated the project github repo with 1.9beta. It works very well, only issue being that I have removed the old data string system in to variables that can carry over from file to file. This will force me to modify all the files. I have changed all the standard files, just have not tested the mobile files. I have removed lots of redundant lines of code, minimizing the overall file sizes and removing some possible future issues.


The wordpress forums plugin wp-united has not been updated in a very long time and has started giving me a very hard time. I am disabling it temporarily, you can use the comment system to discuss projects.


Working on this new project is exciting, and I’ve built a retro gaming rig. First with win95, then win98 and now with XP and thinking of upgrading some of the hardware. Using an older OS with this is ideal for development and this is what has been using up all my free time this month. Hopefully I am nearing the end to free up some programming time.


I have changed the style from a very basic dark style to a very nice jquery template. This newer template is definitely more of the style I was looking for, but the font colors are all off. Some of the textboxes are white and the fonts are white so that is looking strange. If you notice any problems with this style, comment below and I will look at them asap.


Managing my files and putting files in to directories, renaming pages and releasing some software on to other 3rd party sites all to increase visitors. Using Piwik and Google webmaster/analytics more than usual to hit my target visitors. If any SEO experts have some advice, I would love to hear it!

Real Life

Getting busy here, with working some over time and programming more at work, making programming at home a little tiring. But, looks like Netflix look-a-like 1.9 is around the corner. Next week will see its release.


  1. Can this video library be use for commercial use? meaning for productions I’ve created to sell as a subscription? I would like to leave you a donation but you don’t have listed a minimum amount.

    I’m having problems with images not showing up and the video not playing, and the browser telling me I need a VLC plugin when I met all the requirement. Thank you again.

    1. My next version 2.0 will have things like subscriptions, etc. There is no minimum donation. Donate whatever you feel like.

      You can enable debug mode in the admin control panel, then go to data files. Remove your .txt data files from the folder, then press get new files and you should see the log of what the system is doing. More than likely you have cURL disabled. Your server needs to grab the information from imdb. I would also recommend trying another browser if VLC plugin is giving you issues. I highly recommend Firefox or Chrome.

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