Projects Updates December 2013

I do tend to put my projects on pause and work on others before finishing them, and coming back to them later when I’m more motivated. Sometimes it helps to stand back and look at what I’m doing to continue improvement. Here’s what I’ve been working on for the past few months.


Open Source XML for Closed Websites

I am creating a new XML portion of the site that lets you use my XML projects in your own apps! You will be able to either use my hosted XML files, or download the XML files so you can host them on your own server! Here are a few of the websites I converted in to XML: Craigslist, Newgrounds and PrimeWire. I will be pulling the craigslist stand alone file for the newer more up to date XML file. All XML files are dynamic and load through PHP and Curl so they always have the newest data. This will probably be my next project released.


Newgrounds Mobile App for Windows 8

I’ve been working on this for quite some time. First developing the Newgrounds XML to be used with different media portals. I finished the XML project and now am working on the Art portal. Finished that and am thinking if I should release just the art portal, or create a bigger app that includes all the portals. This would of course slow the release ETA. What do you guys think?


A New Website

There’s a new website coming. NewAgeSoldier will be moving away from wordpress in to my own program. This new website will have a forum, wordpress, wiki, portal style to it. All custom code, nothing used from other 3rd party projects. Will include the newest CSS3, HTML5, PHP and jQuery programming languages along with a project management system that will have my projects including anyone other projects to be managed with screenshots, support forums per project, multiple project managers, complete project information and developers discussion sections. Not sure of an ETA as every part of this website is custom and needs my attention till it’s polished and hopefully bug free. At that point every project manager will have the responsibility of managing their projects.



The PrimeWire project is a little side project I started. Since I finished the XML, I decided to try it out and make sure it’s not missing any key elements. The current project is a C# program that’s open source. Currently it can play Putlocker videos, but nothing else. Not sure where it’s going in the future, like I said, it’s more of just a test for the XML.