PlayStation 4 9.00 JailBreak

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A new jailbreak for Playstation 4 owners just came out yesterday called pOOBs4! (12/13/2021) The official GitHub repo has all the details including the creator credits and a how to use write up.

If you’re a visual learner, I made a very fast 4 minute video that explains how the entire process works available at: https://youtu.be/wx4mQM5pWfE.

Here are some instructions based on the video:

  1. Make sure your PS4 is on firmware version 9.00 exactly (aka not 9.03). If it’s on a lower version, update via a FAT32 thumb drive by using the Ridgecorp FAT32 format tool and get the PS4 9.00 PUP file. Place the update PUP file in A PS4 > UPDATE folder structure. Make sure your console is offline and any pending updates are removed from the console prior. Run the update by selecting System > System Update.
  2. Download the GitHub repo code. Write the special .img file given from the GitHub repo to a thumb drive using the Win32 Disk Imager software.
  3. Install NodeJS, open a command prompt and type in npm install -g http-server. Navigate to the GitHub repo code directory in your command prompt and type in http-server to start your web exploit. Leave this window open.
  4. On your PS4, setup your internet connection and use DNS services that will block PlayStation services. Do a test to ensure your PS4’s PlayStation Network service is blocked. Also write down your console’s IP.
  5. Now open the Web Browser app on your PS4 and navigate to the IP address in the command prompt with the port number. It may look like the wait icon has frozen, just continue waiting. You’ll get a prompt to insert the USB thumbstick, insert it, wait for a USB device error message, remove the USB thumb stick and close the prompt by pressing OK. You now have an Awaiting Payload... prompt.
  6. Install NMAP on your PC. Download the payloads. You can send payloads to your console by opening a command prompt and using the command ncat --send-only (CONSOLE_IP_HERE) 9020 < (PAYLOAD_FILE_HERE).bin. If you want to send a .elf file, use the command ncat --send-only (CONSOLE_IP_HERE) 9021 < (PAYLOAD_FILE_HERE).elf.