PSP – GameGear and GameBoy all in one!

You could get a GameGear EverDrive to play all the games you want on a GameGear, but you would have several major issues.

GameGear Hardware Issues

  1. Screen has motion blur
  2. Console is fragile and can become damaged easily
  3. Game cartridges need cleaning and proper maintenance
  4. 6 AA batteries for little game play time
  5. HEAVY

You could get a GameBoy EverDrive to play backed up GameBoy games on your GameBoy Original or GameBoy Color, but you will have several hardware issues. Of course a good alternative would be to get a GameBoy Advance SP, but let’s just talk about the Original and Color models.

GameBoy Original and Color Hardware Issues

  1. No backlight on Original and Color models
  2. Black and green on Original model, no color
  3. Big bulky size, the Original model can be heavy
  4. Uses AA batteries instead of rechargeable
  5. Some models can have bad screen motion blur

The PSP is a great alternative! You can run homebrew using the PSP CFW and use Masterboy 2. With Masterboy 2, we can run Gamegear, Mastersystem and GameBoy games on our PSP.

Benefits of running GameGear and GameBoy games on PSP hardware

  1. Rechargable batteries
  2. Lightweight
  3. All games on SD card, no cleaning and maintence required
  4. Screen is bright, clear, sharp image and no motion blur on most PSP models
  5. Cheat codes without game genie

Be sure to keep up with for all the latest PSP homebrew!

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