Quantum Break Gets New Trailer And A Windows 10 Version

In a surprising turn of events, Microsoft has recently announced that Quantum Break will get a Windows 10 version. This announcement comes completely out of left field, as the game was largely promoted as an Xbox One exclusive game ever since it was first teased in 2013. The announcement was made in the newest cinematic trailer, called “The Cemetery”, which you can watch below.

If you somehow haven’t yet heard of Quantum Break, it is an upcoming third-person shooter, in which players take the role of Jack Joyce, a person with time manipulation powers in a world where time stutters, making everything freeze except Joyce. Players can use a variety of firearms, as well as their time-manipulating powers to defeat enemies in the game. Joyce can stop time temporarily, allowing him to escape from attacks or freeze enemies, unleash a “Time Blast”, which is an offensive projectile, and reverse the direction of bullets. He can also interact with the environments, creating environmental effects that would harm hostile characters. He can also utilize his “Time Rush” ability, which allows him to spawn right next to an enemy to perform an immediate melee takedown. In addition, players can speed up the time around him and swap between covers to diversify attention from unaware enemies. As for defensive abilities, Joyce can protect himself from attacks by deploying a “Time Shield”, which can deflect bullets, performing “Time Dodge”, which allows him to dash quickly to evade from attacks or simply hiding behind covers.

In addition to the combat sections, players will also have to solve puzzles and navigate levels as in a 3D platformer.

An interesting feature of the game is that it will launch along with a digital live-action show, which will tie in and modify according to your in-game choices. After each segment of gameplay, an episode of the show will play which continues the story. This will make for an interesting mix of gameplay and shows, if done properly.

A Windows 10 version?

It is a bit weird, though, that less than two months before the game’s launch, Microsoft announces a Windows 10 edition at the end of a trailer, like it’s no big deal. After all, there were absolutely no hints whatsoever that Quantum Break would be heading to PC, and it’s a bit confusing that they wouldn’t promote the game’s PC version at all up until this point. Another surprising thing is that the Windows 10 version was developed in-house, by Remedy and Microsoft, and not given to a third-party company. Judging from the fact that both versions will be launched on April 5, it seems that they were developed simultaneously, and goes on to show that there are a lot of similarities between the current-gen consoles and PCs. This announcement, and the fact that Xbox One will get Windows 10 soon, means that more Microsoft franchises may come to PC in the future.

Xbox players feel cheated?

Shortly after the trailer was released, Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division and the one who pushes for more Windows games, got a lot of flak from enraged Xbox fans on Twitter. Many felt betrayed that their exclusive games are going to PC, thus rendering their consoles useless. Phil Spencer called a fan out on this stupid argument in this series of tweets.

And for good reason: after all, Xbox Quantum Break fans have no valid reason to get mad at this reveal, as not only will the Xbox One version purchasers receive a copy of Alan Wake, but those who pre-order on Xbox One will also get a Windows 10 copy of Quantum Break, along with a copy of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

That being said, everyone wins here: Xbox gamers, PC gamers, and especially Microsoft.

Quantum Break will be released on April 5 for Xbox One and PC, and will require Windows 10, as it will most likely only be sold on Microsoft’s Windows Store.

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