Remove / Disable Slide To ShutDown Windows 8 Feature

There was a patch that threw an annoying “Slide to Shutdown” menu over our Windows 8 tablets. Chances are you’re reading this because your tablet’s power button no longer puts it in to a sleep state and now just pops up the slide to shutdown option. Who thought this was a good idea? This tutorial will show you how to disable the Slide to Shutdown Windows 8 Feature.

STEP 1) Go to your desktop, swipe from the right, press settings (the gear icon), press the “control panel” option.

STEP 2) Select “View by: Small icons” option in the upper right corner. Select the “Troubleshooting” option.

STEP 3) Click “View all” on the left side to give us all the troubleshooting options.

STEP 4) Press the “Power” option and…

press the “Next” button. Wait for the loading bar to finish on the next screen.

STEP 5) Restart the computer.

After you restart your computer, you can now press the power button to sleep the tablet like before. Congratulations!

Let’s hope Microsoft doesn’t do this to us again…