Repair PSP Screen Scratches

The other day I came home and accidentally put my keys on my PSP. Immediately it placed a deep scratch on the dead center of the screen. It’s because of the very soft LCD screen. Almost anything can scratch this! But, thankfully there is a way to fix this.

There might be a home remedy but I have not found a way to do this for free. I do not recommend replacing the screen since taking the PSP apart is very difficult to do, and even after replacing the screen you can accidentally get a cheap replacement that will not give you the results you want.

So with that being said, the only way to actually remove scratches is to use the Displax display polish. Although, the deeper the scratch the more force, polish and time you will need to put in to removing the scratch. Mine was relatively deep, and I had to use nearly the entire tube and scrub furiously! But, in the end I got the exact results I wanted, no more scratch! As a side note, do not use this polish on touch screens, apparently you need to get their touch screen polish. Not sure what the difference is, but they make sure to write that warning all over the product.