Retro Console Gaming Computer


Maybe you don’t want to own 10 different retro gaming consoles, or sink lots of money in to the consoles or games themselves because all you want to do is just enjoy the games. Well I have a solution! Modify a computer case to give you all the ports you could need for the classic controllers to plug in, with a nice UI to select your games.

When building the computer, I recommend having decent hardware. Don’t bother with a raspberry pi or an Atom processor. You will need more video power for the GUI for game selection, and some snes games require a little bit more speed to run at a perfect frame rate. You can go for a Pentium class processor, or maybe an i3. I wouldn’t go as far as an i5 or an i7 unless you really want to turn this in to a multi-purpose computer. Same goes for a graphics card. You can pick up a GeForce 8500 or some other relatively new low end graphics card since you just need the 2D acceleration, and rudimentary 3D for something like Nintendo 64 or PSX if you wanted to add the ports for it.

Here comes the complicated part. You will need purchase an internal USB splitter so you can add all those controller ports. Keep in mind, some controllers can share the ports, and if you want to purchase the off brand USB controllers to save money and port space. Fitting the USB controller port adapters to the front will be a surprise as the CD tray slot on the case will let you stack these adapters comfortably. Use some hot glue or crazy glue to keep these in place.