Run Nintendo Switch Homebrew on Any Firmware Version

Fusée Gelée has released today! Previously Nintendo Switch could only run homebrew on Firmware versions 3.0.0 and below. Because of a coldboot exploit now even the latest firmware 5.0.2 can run homebrew! Check out for the Python script and payload files. You will need a computer to send the payloads over to your Nintendo Switch to install the coldboot exploit.

For a list of homebrew, visit At the time of this writing I’ve heard that some applications currently only work for 3.0.0 until they have been updated. So there’s really no reason to rush and install Fusée Gelée just yet. We might have to wait for a few developers to update their applications first.

The Atmosphere CFW is not ready for release yet, but @SciresM is hard at work and hopefully we will see a release sometime before June 21st.

Personally, I will be waiting for either a game dumping/loading homebrew or RetroArch to release before I load my console up with Fusée Gelée and Atmosphere.

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