September – October 2016 Updates

Here is what I’ve been up to from September to October and what will be coming.

Newgrounds Mobile

They are going through some website updates which has broken the audio browsing and searching part of Newgrounds Mobile. So I updated the, Kodi plugin, Windows app and Android app. All of which is going through the submission process so it should be a day or two till that’s live. I also didn’t realize the pagination was missing from the search feature so I added that as well as minor bug fixes. I had a source code for Objective-C for the iOS app, but I switched to Swift. Then I later found out that Xamarin is finally playing nice with so I switched over to that now. It would be nice if I could merge all 3 source codes in to 1 Xamarin C# code so that the next time there is a website code update I can update all 3 apps with 1 code change. For more about Xamarin, check out their website.


The forums have been taken down, PHPBB is just not suited for use with these bots registering and spamming. I would need something like Xenforo or InvisionBoard which are premium boards and would cost me quite a bit. For right now, we have Discord, and I absolutely love it. So this new chat room will stay working hopefully forever.

Clan Mod

I’ve been posting on the JKHub community forums and integrating MySQL, SQLite and multi-threading. Lots of changes to the Git source. Still has bugs that need to be ironed out before release, but it should be really exciting when it does finally release. Anyone who wants to contribute is welcome to.

Bing Rewards Bot

I haven’t used this program in forever and all my accounts were banned a long time ago so I don’t really have a way to test it. If you’re having issues with it, please post screenshots and error reports so I can incorporate some kind of fix.


It’s been a while since I’ve played Project 1999 or EQMac, but recently I’ve had the bug to play again. I found lots of terrible bugs in the system and fixed them. (It’s hard when no one reports them.) I also added a FANTASTIC new feature; MacroQuest 2 integration! The benefit of using MacroQuest is you get to send packets and use internal commands! This opens up a whole new world of hacking. I kept inject.dll the same for anyone who doesn’t want to use MacroQuest2, and made a new inject2016.dll which also injects structures.dll. Structures.dll is all of the MQ2Main.dll structures, and inject2016.dll is our own EQTPipe to talk to EQGame.exe internal functions. We would do the exact same C++ code you would in MacroQuest2 to make your own plugins, except inside inject2016.dll which will call them outside of it. The benefits of doing this is to bypass any detection from P1999’s anti-cheat system.

Pokemon Bots

These bots were not made by me I just distributed them in compile form when they were raw code, not compiled. But, now it’s compiled and distributed everywhere and my account was banned. So that’s the end of that.

Future Projects

Only 2 projects come to mind for right now. The first being iOS Newgrounds Mobile app, and the second being more Clan Mod code. If I find any EQTrainer bugs I’ll fix them along the way, but for now I want to focus on Xamarin C# to get the iOS app done and moving on to Clan Mod after. Once Clan Mod is done, it will be integrated with the newagesoldier site to share your in-game stats and maybe span out to other PC game franchises.

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