new server, newgrounds issues? & EQTrainer updates

new server

All new hardware! Should run 10x faster.

Updated ram from DDR -> DDR3
Updated HD from IDE -> SATA
New Xeon processor and motherboard

There was some issues with the static IP being set to a new network card. That’s why my websites have been down for a few days. Turns out you have to reset the modem to accept it. Even Comcast tech’s couldn’t figure it out.

 newgrounds mobile seems to have errors ALL over their website. My website is still getting the information fine, but it seems to be pulling these errors with it, just not as bad.


I’m progressing on the EQTrainer. Here are some ideas and things I’ve implemented.

1) Instead of letter labels for money, make images.
2) Make a copy location button per teleport
3) Make a clear button per teleport
4) Be able to click on the map and teleport there
5) Show version #

When you press on the map name, shows the map with a red X where you are and follows your coordinates! A real working map system! Coming in my next version.


  1. Bartholomew Skatar November 7, 2012
    • Jacob Fliss November 7, 2012