South Park – The Stick of Truth Cheat Trainer

I’ve been playing South Park The Stick of Truth for a while now, and collecting most of the memory addresses for health, level, exp., etc.

Here is my cheat table for cheatengine and my compiled cheat trainer program. I recorded some of the footage of me getting these memory values, so I might upload it. It just needs lots of clipping as the whole video is 30+ minutes. Also, the video only shows me getting 2 cheats. The other memory values were found on my other XP computer.


– Inf combat HP/MP for you and your buddy.
– Modify XP and Level on the fly!


The values are read/written from and to the game’s process.

With this trainer you can either open it before or after the game is running as the trainer checks if the process is currently available. This program does not inject any information in to the process, so you need to leave this program open so it can constantly read/write information. You can minimize it.

The values in the textboxes (level and exp) are read every 1 second. If you type in a new value, it will be written to the game’s process.

If for some reason the values are not automatically appearing once the game is opened, close the program and right click on the program and press Run as Administrator. This will give the program permission to read the game’s information.