Steam Save Backup is now Game Save Backup!

Steam Save Backup has changed to Game Save Backup because it now supports both Steam and GOG (you need GOG Galaxy client)! I also updated the version to 1.2.6 and here is the changelogs.
v1.2.6.1 changelog
– Fixed GOG Galaxy’s new v12 changed registry entries.

v1.2.6 changelog
– Fixed google drive creating duplicates.
– Fixed dropbox authentication issues.
– Fixed startup file shortcut permissions issue.
– Added FTP backup service option.
– Debug log now placed in appdata/gamesavebackup folder.

v1.2.5 changelog
– Increased google drive startup speed.
– Added GOG Galaxy support.
– Fixed settings menu crash if Steam wasn’t installed.
– Fixed installer shortcuts not being removable.
– Changed name from SteamSaveBackup to GameSaveBackup.
– Compiled with new Visual Studio 2017.

There is also a new page to submit any games you want supported, here.

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