Steam Save Backup

Ever get a new computer and lose all your save data from games that don’t have Steam cloud sync? Here’s the solution, Steam Save Backup! This program uses personal cloud storage to store all of your Steam game saves in one easy to use cloud system. Every game is automatically detected and backed up. You can adjust the settings to make games automatically restore game saves on startup to stay in sync with the cloud saves on all your devices.

This software detects where Steam is installed by reading the system registries. Then, it reads the configuration file to find all the Steam content libraries. After that, it searches the content libraries for directories for supported games. It does this regularly to detect if new games are installed. When you start a game, and the game is supported, it will grab the latest save from your cloud storage and restore it to the file system on your computer. When you are done playing a game, it will pack your games registries or files, depending on the game, in to a zip file and label it by date, time and computer name and send it up to your cloud storage account. You can then manage these saves within the system itself, or on the cloud storage website. You can restore the files and registries from the zip without this software if you choose to.

Steam Greenlight:

NOTE: Not all games are currently supported. The game save folders, files and registries paths are needed in the XML data file for the game saves to be supported. If you want a game supported, simply post in the comment section below or email me jake(at)

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
  • Steam


  • Automatically backs up the game after exiting. (option in settings)
  • Automatically restores back ups when starting games. (option in settings)
  • Automatically detects when games are installed and uninstalled.
  • Starts on system startup (option in settings).
  • Can manually backup and restore at any time.
  • All saves manageable from your personal cloud storage website.
  • No setup required. Just install, adjust preferences if needed.
  • 100% free to use. No malware, viruses, adware or spyware.
  • New supported game saves added from server, no updates needed.
  • Supports multiple Steam Content Library directories.
  • Multiple backups with time/date names with maximum setting.
  • GoogleDrive, OneDrive and DropBox cloud services supported.







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