Adrenaline-6.2 Vita Homebrew released!

Adrenaline is an amazing piece of homebrew built by TheFlow (@theflow0) that lets you play PSP and PSX games/homebrew on your PSVita! What I’ve experienced with Adrenaline is that the PSP games run perfect, but the PSX games framerate was either laggy or the screen would split and tear in games like Diablo. But it […]


Playstation 2 Slim Hacking

This modification to your console will let you play backed up copies of PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games. This tutorial is only for the slim model. REQUIRED HARDWARE – Philips head (+) screwdriver – PS2 Memory card – PS3 memory card adapter – Windows computer – Duct Tape REQUIRED SOFTWARE –¬†FREE MCBOOT Before we […]