The Best Free Games on Steam

The world of PC gaming is humongous. With a plethora of online game stores and a rich library of both old and new titles, it may get complicated trying to find or purchase a new game to play. But what if you don’t feel like shelling out money for some entertainment? Here is our list of the best free games on Steam:

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is not only the best free-to-play shooter on Steam, it might be the most fun shooter period. It features 9 classes with different roles and interchangable weapons. What is more is that you don’t have to shell out one penny in order to enjoy all that Team Fortress 2 has to offer: the drop system gives you all the available weapons.

The game has plenty of game modes and maps, both official and user-created, accessed easily through matchmaking or a convenient server browser. Being built on the Source engine also means that the game can be easily run on even the oldest computer nowadays.

Dota 2

The most played game on Steam, Dota 2, is also free. What is Dota 2? Well, it is a sequel to the Warcraft 3 user-created phenomenon, Defense of the Ancients. The game has over one hundred heroes freely available to every player at the start of a match, and is currently being remade into a new engine, as Dota 2 Reborn, a change which also brings new game modes and maps. If you enjoy MOBA games and are getting tired of League of Legends, it might be worth giving Dota 2 a try.

Spiral Knights

If you are more of an RPG type of person, then Spiral Knights is the game for you! A massively-multiplayer Zelda-type of RPG, Spiral Knights provides progressively harder dungeons for groups of adventurers, while coating its dangers and environments in stunning, cartoon graphics. The energy system is initially hard to get around, but at higher levels you start earning so much from your adventures that you can simply purchase premium currency to use in place of energy.

Magicka: Wizard Wars

Following the success of 2011 Magicka comes Magicka: Wizard Wars – a MOBA-styled game featuring quick matches that keep the old element combination system the first game had. The game manages to add a real element of fun to the classic MOBA recipe, without straying too far from the style of its predecessor. If you aren’t convinced, go ahead and try it for yourself – it’s free!

Emily is Away

Emily is Away is a completely different game from anything else. It presents a situation most of us have been through – trying to win over the girl you like – but in a different way: you attempt to win Emily by chatting with her on an early 2000’s instant messaging software. With a lot of pop culture references and jokes, there isn’t much to say about Emily is Away without taking away from your enjoyment of the game, so if you want to relive those angsty years of your life, you better play the game!

Super Crate Box

A simple, addictive game that takes up 23 mb of hard disk space, Super Crate Box is a little masterpiece. Its pixelated art style and fun descriptions of unlockables make this game an absolute treat. The aim of the game is simple: survive while getting the highest score possible by killing green creatures heading to the bottom of the screen. You need to prevent those creatures from reaching the bottom of the screen, or else they will become enraged and move faster, which may mean you’re doomed.

Ascend: Hand of Kul

Ascend: Hand of Kul is a Dark Souls type of game, which puts you in control of a brutal giant, pillaging man-made settlements and torturing them in order to bring glory to your god. All the game lacks is a way to invade other players’ worlds, as the developers promised that but never got to it.